Improve your English for social, academic or professional purposes

English for Adults


Why learn English?

There’s no denying that English is one of the most popular languages in the world.  Improving your spoken and written English will open doors to more career and life opportunities.

We can help you develop your English language proficiency for social or academic purposes; whether you want to take an exam, support your university studies, travel abroad, impress your boss, make more English speaking friends or simply become more confident and fluent in English.

Our Courses

We offer a range of intensive and extensive courses designed especially for you. We’ll start by finding out exactly what you need through expert needs analysis, so that we understand your strengths, weaknesses and learning goals throughout your learning journey. We offer engaging and interactive English courses for all levels – from beginner to advanced. We will not waste your time nor your money.

Our attention to detail, expert teaching and enthusiasm, will give you a love for English and the greatest chance of success in English learning.


Why Success English?

In short, we will help you succeed – whatever your language learning objectives!

Our courses are interactive, engaging and fun. We use real, natural English and a variety of communicative teaching methods to bring the best out of every student. Our classrooms are equipped with high-quality resources and modern technology to further enhance your learning journey with us.

With many years of international teaching experience, our academic team are experts in their field. Our teachers all have CELTA qualifications – which represent excellence in teaching, and are accredited by Cambridge English – so you can trust that they will support and give you the individual attention and expert guidance you deserve.


To help our customers at this difficult time, we are now accepting payments in 2 – 3 installments.

Term 1 (10 weeks - 19 Jan to 23 March 2022)

Class Hours Online/ self-study hours Price
Adult English Course 20 10 5800
Adult Premium package* 20 10 6800

Term 2 (10 weeks - 13 April to 17 Jun 2022)

Class Hours Online/ self-study hours Price
Adult English Course 20 10 5800
Adult Premium package* 20 10 6800

Term 3 (10 weeks - 13 July to 16 September 2022)

Class Hours Online/ self-study hours Price
Adult English Course 20 10 5800
Adult Premium package* 20 10 6800

Term 4 (10 weeks - 05 October to 11 December 2021)

Class Hours Online/ self-study hours Price
Adult English Course 30 15 5800
Adult Premium package* 30 15 7400

*Premium Packages

If you sign up for the premium package you will receive two 45-minute one-to-one sessions (either via Zoom or face-to-face) with your teacher, in addition to your regular classes. These sessions will build on the progress you have made in group classes and focus on your specific language learning requirements. We will provide extra feedback on how to improve in areas you may find difficult, and give you an opportunity to practice a skill or language area of your choice.


Levels Available

Classes available for all levels from beginners to advanced.

All learners must complete a level check (placement test) and a consultation with one of our academic team before registering for a course.  Once this is done, you will then be placed in a suitable group with other students of similar language ability and learning needs.

Dates and Times

Moka Language Centre runs classes on the following days for adults:

  • Wednesdays @ 18:15 – 19:45
  • Fridays @ 18:15 – 19:45
  • Wednesdays and Fridays @ 08.00 – 09.30 (Business English)

Types of Courses

  • General English (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, plus grammar and vocabulary development)
  • Business English (similar to general English but with a focus on workplace context and vocabulary)
  • Conversational English (to enhance your speaking skills and pronunciation)

Contact us to arrange a FREE consultation so that we can recommend the right course for you.



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Melvin Wong KL, Malaysia

Having Iman as our trainer was one of the most memorable things I got out of the whole FSTEP (Financial Services Scholarship Programme) experience! Her classes were very interactive and constantly able to gauge our interests in the subject. I enjoyed the class activities that we had and I have definitely learnt more from you than I realised back then! Thank you for always being such a passionate teacher, always willing to help us.

Hanan Omar Cairo, Egypt

Iman is a wonderful teacher. Empowered by her tools, she creates an interactive and cooperative atmosphere among the students in the lesson. She has enough wisdom and creativity to solve problems, facilitate explanations, take care of the humanities with the educational aspects to create a harmonious environment for her students. She is more than excellent!

Samantha Kerr Zimbabwe

Iman is truly a top-class tutor. From the word go, her classes were seamless, fun, engaging, and of course, demonstrative of a vast array of activities. Throughout the course, Iman was incredibly supportive and honest. She fully equipped us for the demands of the course whilst nurturing our independence and self-confidence. Her valuable feedback and high standards motivated us to always do our best and challenge ourselves to continually improve. We couldn’t have been in better hands.

Leon Ma Taipei,Taiwan

Iman is a good teacher with rich teaching skills and enthusiasm. Classes are always intersting and I looking forward to them. I was very satisfied with the content used in lessons and happy with the rapid progress.