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Why Workplace Communication Skills?

If you are a business leader, a training manager, or an individual professional, you know the importance of effective workplace communication. Improving the communication skills of your team, or yourself, will give your company the advantage in a highly-competitive world. It will give participants the confidence and competence they need to thrive in any workplace and could open new opportunities for your business.

We design bespoke programmes to target your company’s specific professional development needs. These programmes could help participants to develop English language proficiency, customer service competence, leadership skills or many other work-related skills. They are designed to be highly practical so your teams will see an immediate impact, and your business will get long-lasting benefits.

Why choose Success English?

Whether you are a CEO looking for one-to-one coaching or need training for your staff, we’ve got you covered. With over 30 years, of international training experience working with businesses, NGOs, universities, and governments around the world, our professional skills unit has the experience and know-how to support any organisation. Our trainers are experts in their field and have had the opportunity to work with teams from Egypt to Spain, Malaysia to Mauritius! Our trainers have appropriate qualifications and have been approved by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA).

At Success English, we will take the time to fully understand your business context and requirements before designing your training programme. We will evaluate participants’ skills at the start, middle and end of every course, and report back on their progress. We can also provide follow-up monitoring, one-to-one coaching, and ongoing support to ensure that the skills acquired on our programmes are applied long after the training has finished.

We value continued professional development and understand its importance in the workplace, which is why we provide high-energy and high-quality training every time.

Our Courses

We offer a wide range of bespoke corporate courses designed especially for you. Courses can be delivered at your workplace or at our centre in Moka, or online, depending on your preference.

Below is a list of our most popular communication skills programmes:

  • Email excellence – This course helps participants to write clearer, more effective emails. We focus on your specific context and look closely at the type of emails you/ your teams need to write. Participants will reflect on their style, structure, level of formality, conciseness and accuracy of their messages, always considering the impact on their readers.
  • Powerful presentations – This course focuses on an area many professionals find difficult – delivering effective workplace presentations. Whether your teams need to present to large audiences or small groups, online or in person, formally or informally, this course will give confidence, strategies and opportunities to practice the planning and delivery of their presentations. We will look at different styles of presentation, and consider the structure, techniques and content best-suited to your context. This course is interactive, fun and highly beneficial for professionals of all kinds.
  • Advanced report writing – This course looks at report writing as a process – dissecting the different stages of report preparation, from planning and selecting relevant data/visuals to putting it all together and finally editing. We will help you avoid the common pitfalls of modern reports, and give you the skills to evaluate your report-writing as you go.
  • Quality Customer service skills – Keeping your customers happy and well-informed is vital in today’s highly competitive marketplace. This course helps participants to reflect on what it means to connect with a customer; whether via phone, email or face-to-face, and how to communicate in a way that exceeds your customers’ expectations. We will look at language use, formal vs informal styles, standard responses, body language, negotiation techniques and much more.
  • One-to-one language coaching for senior managers – Tailor-made programmes managers, directors or other professionals who need specific language or soft-skills training. This programme includes a detailed private evaluation of language skills and (depending on the context) a deep analysis of language needs. The course is for individuals who need private, one-on-one training which targets particular areas of need.

All courses are tailor-made and designed to suit your specific workplace requirements.

How to find out more

Contact our Academic Manager on +230 5 9062381, or complete the form below. We will then set up a meeting to discuss your training needs in detail, and provide a full proposal and quote.


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Denise Warren Howard Pitot

I have had the pleasure of attending two of Iman Sasso’s workshops and thoroughly enjoyed both, which led me to write this testimonial. Iman has a great way of connecting with her audience. She keeps them enthralled and hanging on her every word. Professional yet captivating would be the two words I would use to describe Iman from Success English. Capable of reaching an audience of business people in the corporate arena while also able to connect with children. She is simply amazing.

Anson Lyaloo

Excellent, engaging and effective sessions, and Iman is Brilliant. Highly recommended. Thank you!

Greet Meulepas

High level education and practice in a relaxed environment! I certainly recommend the workshop with Success English

Sophie Van Den Hove

I participated at a workshop that helps you to feel more confident to speak in public and also how to prepare your speech. It was really helpful and done in a fun way. I highly recommend Success English.