Get ready for IELTS!

Who is this course for?

Get Ready for IELTS is a 10-hour programme, for anyone who needs help preparing for the IELTS test.

Whether you are doing the academic or general version of the test, we can boost your test-taking skills and confidence, avoid common mistakes, and help you get the result you need.

How can we help you achieve you desired IELTs score?

Our expert trainers have extensive experience examining and preparing students for IELTS tests. We will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in English language proficiency at the start of the course, and then come up with a plan that will help you with the language skills and strategies you need. We will open your eyes to a world of IELTS test-taking tips, and provide targeted practice with difficult areas, so that you go into your test with the best possible chance of SUCCESS!  

Course overview

We will give you a brief overview of the structure and timings involved in IELTS tests, so you are clear on what to expect. Then we will look at each skill area (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and provide tips and strategies on how to approach each component. Finally, we will give you practice and feedback on each skill, so that you build confidence and improve your ability in each area.

In addition to these classes, we will provide extra practice online, which you can access whenever suits you – 24/7 from any device with internet – so your learning doesn’t end when you leave the classroom.

Our Trainers

Our trainers are higly qualified (Masters degrees), native English speakers with over 16 years of teaching English experience.  We have helped hundreds of students around the world achieve their IELTS scores.

Some of our trainers have run programmes for the British Council, International House, whilst others have been IELTS examiners in the past.

Our insight and extensive knowledge of how the IELTS exams work will give you an added advantage and a much better chance of SUCCESS.

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How long is the course?

We offer  two types of courses:

1. Intensive  –  2 full days

2. Extensive – 2 hours per day over 4 days  –  Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

See below for more details:

Price: Rs 5000 (includes all resources and materials)

Includes:  access to a personalised e-learning platform with IELTS practice tasks for self-study from any mobile device.

Our E-learning platform was designed by Cambridge English qualified teachers and past IELTS examiners.

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